Helpful hints for new players

My citadel said it was only a mana bonus to ice magic so I picked power instead. Hmm.

It’s STARTING MANA. If you spend 1 point on it you’ll find all of your starting mana increased.

PQ3 didn’t uncover information about enemy type, I made a list since many people asking for it:

Tribe of Kor(ALL FIRE): Orc, Ogre, Troll, Goblin, Ogre Mage.
Undead(ALL ICE): Zombie, Skeleton, Liche, Arkliche, Doom Knight.
Plague(ALL POISON): Ghoul, Ur-Ghoul, Plague Taster, Plague Witch, Plague Priest.
Guardian(ALL LIGHT): Pegasi, Griffin, Harpy, Centaur, Golem.
Aberration(ALL DARK): Medusa, Wyvern, Dark Elf, Imp, Arboleth.
Beast: Fire Wasp, Winter Wolf, Giant Spider, Giant Scorpion, Giant Rat.
Giant: Fire Giant, Frost Giant, Hill Giant, Storm Giant, Ettin.

Dragons are all dungeon bosses and no daily bounty related to dragon.


There is definitely a Dragon daily bounty, I got one before then struggled to figure out why my Wyverns weren’t counting.

Mainly, you can battle Dragons in the dungeons, so the bounty will properly progress.

Same. Ended up abandoning the bounty because I couldn’t figure out which one were dragon type when Wyverns apparently wasn’t dragon type

Any idea how spell damage is calculated?

Afaik, it works similar to the spells in GoW: Base damage(including damage bonus from spell level) plus power multiplied by modifier, then multiples by element damage bonus.

However, we don’t know the actual scale ratio unless revs decided to uncover it.

Heroic effort give a massive +100% bonus to power, which will make your spell extremely deadly.