Plague type monsters

i am new on game and I have mission to kill 5 plague monters. I am on chapter 2 and tried events, dungeons, campaign and didnt find any. Maybe I AM doing something wrong but it not this mission should not be avalible for begginers.

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You haven’t done anything wrong - I don’t think you start finding plague enemies until about Ch9.
Might be wrong on the exact number, but quite a few further on than Ch2 where you are. Ideally it would only give you challenges you can do, but you do also have choice over which challenges to take.

Firstly lets just clear that slot - there should be an X in the top corner allowing you to cancel it. You lose the token used to accept the mission, but it’s better to free up the slot for now.

The 4 slots reset each day if they are empty. They randomly get challenges worth 10, 20 or 30 crests. You do not have to take one from each slot. If you take one challenge and complete it that slot will reroll new challenges. For the most crests try to take the higher scoring challenges first and only take 10c when there is nothing higher.

Also look for easier challenges - add 2/4/6 levels to armour, weapons, accessories or spells. Much easier than hunting down X of any type of enemy. Avoid any that need evolving anything. Matching 500/1000 gems can take quite a few battles.

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Thanks for anserw i know everything you wrote but I dont know yet which monsters are in each type and that od the only issue i have with bounties. Is there aby guide about monster types?

Playing through the story I think it is fixed enemies for every mission, so not much you can do to target specific enemies from that other than progress through the story.

If you go into Skirmishes the enemies offered are random, but before you launch it there is something you can click for more info that will show you the actual enemies and their level. Switch to the next location and you get a different set of enemies. When you beat it a different set of enemies can spawn there.

I’m not sure if there is a pattern that makes certain enemy types more likely in set chapters doing it this way, or if just down to luck.


I assume that most players in the game have the same difficulty of identifying monster types as you do. That’s because the game doesn’t really give you any easy way to find out that information. I have NEVER intentionally selected a single Bounty with the “kill # xxxxxxx monsters” specifically for that reason. I had no way to know how to complete those bounties. The game is sorely missing an in-game tool that clearly identifies the monster types. Lots of games have a tool that essentially functions like a Monster Almanac, including everything you’d want to know about the monster. Some are implemented like a collection and only show the monsters you’ve encountered with blank spots for the yet to be encountered monsters. Others show everything right from the get go. Tons of potential for some great information in a tool like that for this game. I recommend the Devs implement something like that and allow for a few different kinds of sorting the info in useful ways for players.

The post from Tresk above is the first helpful bit of info related to monster types I’ve seen during my entire span in the game so far. Currently, the closest thing you can find in-game is the little circles of the monsters in the upper right while in a battle.

The problem is, you can ONLY find this information when you are already in a battle, so it does you no good when trying to figure out which Skirmish/Dungeon and level you want to do. Also, As nice as the info in Tresk’s post is, again it isn’t in-game, and there must also be some other categories than those listed in the post, like “Beast” as seen in the picture above.

The only info seen in Dungeons/Skirmishes when looking at monster info is seen below… which again, is not helpful at all unless you already know what kind of monster those are.

Actually, if you go into the menu, when you’re in a battle, the top right of the monster information shows you what kind of monster it is, but again, you need to be in the fight to find that out.

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You’re right, I forgot to mention that location for information as well. Thanks for adding that. However, as you already noted, it is only available once you’ve started a battle, so it doesn’t help someone who is looking to fulfill a Bounty. Also, as I mentioned above, there is at least one other category of “Beast” that doesn’t seem to be specific to Mastery color, so it’s not quite as easy as just finding colors.

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Short reference cheat sheet (doesnt resolve the ingame problem but fyi for what it’s worth :slight_smile:)


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Hey everyone,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback on having more ways to view monster information. I’ve moved this thread the feedback section and will send this through to the Dev Team to look into a quality of life improvement.

I do like the idea of having a Monster Codex :thinking:

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