[PASSED ON] How do I know what enemy type and enemy is?

Since there are bounties around the types of enemies you fight I’d like to know what is what? A list somewhere would help. But even in the game fighting a skeleton, for example, I have no idea what type of enemy it is. Even the details on the enemy lacks this information.

Tribe of Kor: You may consider it as barbarian type. Anybody looks like barbarian, such as goblin, troll, orc, ogre, etc. are classified as this. ALL OF THEM USE FIRE.

Beast: Literally. Everything looks like a normal animal counts.

Undead: Zombie, skeleton, liche… Typical undead, yes. ALL OF THEM USE ICE.

Guardian: now thing become complicated. Golem, harpy, centaur, Griffin, etc., Something you think it should be a guardian counts. All OF THEM USE LIGHT.

Plague: everything seems related to plague and disease counts. Plague cult and ghoul belongs here. ALL OF THEM USE POISON.

Aberration: Supernatural creature belongs here. Wyvern, dark elf, imp, etc. ALL OF THEM USE DARK.

Giant: BIG HUMANOID. Easy to recognize. Ettin belongs here, too.

Dragon: also easy to recognize. Only a few exists and all of them are dungeon bosses.

--------tl;dr line--------

If it’s not a dragon, giant or beast,
Fire enemies are tribe of kor
Ice enemies are undead
Poison enemies are plague
Light enemies are guardian
Dark enemies are aberration


Thank you - a huge help.
I wish I had looked this up earlier, because I ended up abandoning a bounty to kill 5 dragon type. I didn’t consider they were only in dungeons :unamused::grin:

The type should be clearly indicated in the monster stats, which it currently isn’t.

Wyverns should fall under the Dragon category, instead of beasts, if you ask me.

After all they ARE bipedal dragons.

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Thanks for reporting this team, I have passed it on the team as a quality of life suggestion. :slight_smile:

Very nice thank you.

For a while I haven’t selected any bounty quests where a certain type needs to be killed. Why? because I should not have to go here to see which enemy belong to what type. You can’t see it anywhere ingame and some enemies like Wyverns are misleading - you even call them dragons in the description

Yeah, well, as it so happens this was confusing to some of us too for a while. While wyverns in this screenshot are considered lesser dragons, they are not considered dragons by the game but aberrations. Dragons are only the ones from the story - Scorch and so on. This is indeed confusing and misleading. There is a bot for that info (Gary`s) on discord now, but in game these tasks are very difficult as there is no means of figuring out where to go and what to hunt for. Before the bot we were only rescued because I remembered them being called aberration somewhere in the story maybe? Not sure where but somewhere in the game.

My point exactly. Was just showing it to Salty and Co in case they needed a proof.
Still a Discord server or a community shouldn’t do the work for them - should be possible to identify the type ingame - I am assuming they want more players and not every single person will join discord or here to get info

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