[NOT A BUG] Wyverns don't count as dragonlike for daily quests?

I have daily quests to kill a dragonlike enemy. Killing a wyvern doesn’t advance my counter, making me think the only “dragonlike” enemy is an actual dragon. There is character dialog somewhere (when wyverns are introduced) that effectively says “they’re like dragons.”
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Wyverns are counted at aberrations for enemy type. The only enemies that will count as dragons are the actual boss dragons (for sure) and I think there is a dragonlike dungeon boss that wasn’t one of the story dragons. But that second part, I could be wrong.

Solid legal reasoning! Will it work in the PQ3 court system though :laughing:


Half an off topic answer: If you’re not sure, you can use my Discord bot to find out enemy types:

Cheers, Gary.

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Your bots are great. Hats off and thank you!

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This isn’t a bug, and is intended. (I just checked with the devs.)

However, we are looking into changing this text to avoid confusion in the future, from Dragon-like to Dragon. Thanks for pointing this out!

Aren’t all wyverns dragons though?

Would probably make more sense to name the task boss dragons or something, as the only 5 dragons that exist now are end of dungeon bosses.

No, we aren’t counting Wyverns as Dragons, as in Puzzle Quest Dragons specifically have a high level of intelligence in a way that Wyverns don’t. Wyverns are considered a monster (or an aberration in game) whereas Dragons are considered a race.

As such we will be changing the text, but in the way I outlined above. :slight_smile:

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