When stun I is triggered

When gems are matched and a stun is triggered, the opponent is immediately shown to be stunned; however, the gems are matched on the board individually. I would like to see the stun synchronous with the match that causes the stun. If the stun is from a V gem, show it then. If from a V gem created thru matches, show it then. If from an across the board match, show it then.
Although it makes no difference, visually it shows us which strategy paid off in that particular fight.

Isn’t it only rows that stun? Pretty sure I’ve matched X gems that don’t stun the enemy…

Yes, only rows stun (Gems with Roman numerals on them provide bonus mana in line with the number )

Sorry I wasn’t clear. Certain spells stun, the dwarven hammer stuns with V gems. Each has a percentage chance. I’d like to know which item succeeded when a stun triggers.

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Today I viewed exactly what I wanted to see. I was out of spells and had no across the board stun, so I connected gems for my final move, expecting to be slugged and end my game. I saw a high level gem get formed in the match, then more gems created around that gem triggered a match with a high level gem, THEN the monster was stunned by the high level gem match and the result of using a Dwarven hammer. It gives a rush. If it was already that way when I started this thread, oops I never realized. If you tweaked the timing as a result of this thread, thank you! It makes the game look and feel so much better.