Heroic effort gave an XP bonus in the first puzzle quest

It sucks to get a heroic effort on the last move of the game and feel unrewarded. The first game rewards xp. I feel it should keep the same as the first game. I do like the damage increase though if you get it early. Maybe both?

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I’ve been thinking about how in general it doesn’t feel very rewarding to get a heroic effort, personally. If I remember correctly, the boards on the older games were larger, allowing more room to set up cascades, so it was actually easier to obtain. Even the damage boost, as nice as it is, just doesn’t feel like a big deal.

Basically, it feels too hard to achieve and usually not worth the (heroic) effort.


Couldnt have said it better myself!

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Also… don’t forget the heroic efforts that kill you because of how the enemy gets mana haha.

I think a heroic effort should cause at least a stun.


Heroic effort should have tiers - and maybe they could do different bonuses (Damage, XP, Gold, Mana)

There should be a separate/different “Battle Effort” benefit for getting a match of each color (+skulls?) on a turn


That would be interesting and add some fun. I still say a heroic effort should never ever kill you though.

It’s kind of hilarious. I play with sound on at home and when “that was a heroic effort” is heard, my husband (who doesn’t even play) yells “You’re screwed!” hahahaha That’s just bad. lol


That’s funny Kodak moment 4 sure lol

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