Higher Difficulty matches take so long that I get disconnected due to Inactivity

During matches, I will occasionally pause to do something else (work, chat, etc.) and then pick the game back up and continue. Given that some matches take 8-10 minutes to complete at the highest difficulties (like the Level 85 dungeon challenge today); this can result in several interruptions to my match as I pause to do something else (likely to return in a few minutes). As a result I have been disconnected twice now due to inactivity while literally playing the game with brief stops inbetween.

Clearly, whatever detection system for activity exists does not actually include the action taken in the match itself otherwise I would not be disconnected for inactivity.

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I have the same problem. It seems there is a limit of 30 minutes to finish a fight. If you pass it you’re logged out. I’m playing the skirmish challenge on lvl. 95 to get a Xione crystal, but even though I’m constantly playing I get logged out. The enemies are so boosted (health is between 30k-50k+ on each enemy) that it takes me 30+ minutes to beat them. So I cannot get the crystal even though I try. This sucks big time. You need to fix this now. Why even have a time limit?

Just wanted to add my experience was the same
Long battles take too long and finally got to the Boss and “due to inactivity” drops you back to main menu on restart (not back into the battle)
Quite disheartening after spending so much time getting there to have it taken away at the final battle