Inactivity timer needs new logic

Playing a lvl 80 Challenge dungeon, with the aim of getting a Xione crystal. It takes QUITE some time to grind through these… especially since the most reliable way is via stuns and barriers.

So, you can imagine my sheer anger at the game when upon the LAST HIT on the BOSS… that the game kicks me out for “inactivity”.

The game restarted, and I’m back at my menu. As a desperate attempt during this mini-nightmare, I let the “restart” button loom on my screen, letting the boss go through his death animations, hoping that when the game restarted, it would have triggered that there was a win…

Nope. All that time and effort, gone. For “inactivity”… despite the fact that I’m actually playing the game.

I’d log this as a bug normally, but everything is presumably working as intended. Instead, this is a “feature” that needs the attention of some devs, because no one should be ACTIVELY PLAYING, just to be kicked out of the match they’ve won during the winning animations (i.e. enemy death animations). It’s not our fault that it can take a year and a half just to watch gems explode and a giant stumble… or that it takes 20 sets of stuns and barriers per monster in a dungeon.

…sorry. I’m a bit upset over that. I hope no one else experiences that.


I agree. If the devs want a timeout “feature” to put some kind of limit on how long you can engage in a battle – presumably to limit, via time, how underpowered you can be and still win a battle – then they need to change the pop-up message to something like “Sorry, battle time limit reached.” While no less frustrating, at least it would be honest instead of a blatant falsehood.