[Not a bug] Forcing restart for inactivity while actively playing

This has happened to me several times, but especially when I’m on a long streak of opening chests. It has however also happened when actively on a board sometimes. My fingers will actually be on the touchscreen in the middle of things when a pop-up opens which cannot be dismissed, saying that due to inactivity, the game must be restarted.

Today’s occurrence was while I was in the middle of trying to salvage loot from a skirmish chest.

Edit: it literally just happened again, at 9:40 am PDT, right after dealing with another chest.

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This isn’t a bug, unfortunately - it is built in that if you remain in room for X period of time, you get a 5 minute warning and then you will need to restart.

It has been something I have raised with the team to consider extending the countdown period so you can remain in a “room” before you get this message.
A room being within a battle, looking through the shop etc.

This occurs so your game doesn’t lose sync from our servers, as the game requires a constant connection etc etc.

There are a few other big focuses at the moment, but I’ll bring it up to the team again.


Fair enough. I did not get a warning either time, for what it’s worth.

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Out of battle I have never received the 5 min warning.

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Sorry! The 5-minute warning is only when you are in a battle!


This is not a bug ??
I had to restart the game after attacking the Dragon! And I would be surprised if the fight lasted 20 minutes!!!
So yes, it is indeed a bug!

There is a bug. I haven’t been kicked for inactivity (unless it has been 30 minutes) for quite a while now but in the past I have been randomly kicked for inactivity even if I just completed a battle a few minutes previously, or I have just launched the game and been in it for less than 3 minutes. Very rare, I feel like it happened more often when in the kingdom screen but not sure. Very random as to when it occurs.

This would be a bug, the inactivity timer I believe is set to 30 minutes and I would have thought that closing and relaunching would reset that :face_exhaling:

It’s been a long-running point of feedback from me generally, and there are reasons why we have intentionally placed this timer in the game, but other than investigating this report I might reraise it generally with the team.

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