[REPORTED] Kicked for inactivity while playing

*Android, Samsung Galazy s20, Sheija

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I was playing the dungeon 100 with my berserker. I was allready at Brand just a few steps until completed and the game kicked me out saying I was inactive. The game restarted and progress was lost, I was back at the Inn. Of course no brie-shard and 50 diamonds lost for one time reanimation.

Why does the game kick me for inactivity while playing? I have itemlevel 600 - imagine how difficult it was to master a dungeon level 100.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Is this a once-off issue or has it been a consistent issue? Does it only happen in specific circumstances?

It happened a second time with Brand haben 7.000 HP left. Really??? Seems that there is a timer in the background while in a Match. What is this good for???

Screenshot can’t be uploaded… error message…

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Hey @Sheija

The team is currently aware of this error message and are currently investigating.

I’ll include your example within my report as well though.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

I’ve had this happen as well but it was lvl 85 clockwork halls same exact thing no error no chance to take a screenshot. Was on mobile, Samsung Galaxy A02s.

Yeah that 29 min inactivity timer which is really just a 29 min battle timer. Because never been inactive in those battles. ( I time them now so I know if I’m close to that restart coming my way)

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Bit of a freak occurrence but I got kicked for inactivity 3 seconds after switching menu screens in the front end. Checked kingdom crest totals and some bazaar deals (middle of the day, not at daily reset when it’s dodgy most days), went back to followers screen and a few seconds later message for inactivity please restart.

@jeto Sorry Jeto, but how lang do we have to wait for this to be fixed? It is ridiculous to be kicked after 29 Minutes for beeing inactive while playing. Not possible to do the toughest dungeons this way. At least make the game load back to the fight instead of losing all progress.