In-game chat is mechanically painful on phone

Two things about using in-game chat on a phone:

  1. Text entry is locked in landscape orientation. This makes it REALLY difficult and tedious to enter text. I suspect the majority of people giving helpful, substantive answers in the in-game chat are emulating on PC.
  2. The font size options are not good. “Large” is what I would call “small”, and “small” is “what is this, text for ants?” (And I have a relatively high-quality, large phone screen and good eyesight.)

Please fix text entry, and please either re-scale the existing font size options or add several more that get increasingly larger.

Bump. This is a huge issue.

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My main gripe with the phone chat is that when the keyboard comes up, the display of the chat conversation completely disappears. It would be nice if you could see the last couple lines at the top. There is room. As it is now, you have to get out of your text entry (keyboard) interface in order to see the conversation, or even what you entered if you hit “Enter” before reading over what you typed.


Hey everyone!

Thanks for posting about this. I will pass this back on to the Devs to see what quality of life improvements they can consider to make that chat function better on phone.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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