[Investigating] Text input problem

Good day to all.

Until this day, I had a problem in the game with a reduced keyboard for entering text in any of the chats (world chat, inventory), the keyboard in the game was 3 times smaller than the phone screen.

But, today, when I entered the game, I found that I could not write anything at all in any of the chats where there is text input, because the input keyboard is broken. Is it possible to fix this? perhaps there are those who have the same problem?
I can’t insert a screenshot

@Verd what device do you have?

Also, is the reduced keyboard your normal device keyboard, or are you using a secondary app for your keyboard?

Hi, Jeto.
My device: Huawei Nova 10 Pro

The reduced keyboard is not my usual one, because there are no problems in other applications. Such an inconvenience, with a reduced keyboard, appeared only in this game when entering text. There are no additional keyboard applications, I do not use them.
At the moment, the input panel is about 1/8 of the screen, there is no way to type text in the game.

Could you attach a screenshot or video, so I can pass this along to the team?

In the meantime, are you running the latest operating system available on your device and have you reinstalled PQ3 since this started happening

I am using the latest operating system available on the device. PQ3 has not been reinstalled since the beginning of the season.

I can’t insert a screenshot, writes: An error has occurred: Sorry, you can’t insert multimedia elements into a post.

If you submit a ticket, you should be able to attach images into it, and I can respond to you there:

In the meantime, can you please reinstall PQ3 if your email is linked to your account.