On-screen keyboard doesnt work with it 2. the app 'dimscreen' seems to cause the game to crash

on-screen keyboard doesnt work with chat in this 2. if the app ‘dimscreen’ is running seems to cause the game to crash after many hours (the game will disable dimscreen right before crashing)

bug where load screen stays on forever! then crashes windows.this load screen needs an exit button! i dont use a physical keyboard ok(cuz they have BPA), i only use on-screen keyboard!

YES i run a web browser while runnig this game! if thats not ok THEN program it to say so! if it needs all the pc memory dont let it run with web browers open!

  1. game was fine, a new puzzle match starts to get loaded CRASH game vanishes…
    this happens a lot! no big deal usually, just relaunch game.fine just go to steam tell it launch, game launches, but THIS TIME it gets stuck on title load screen forever! with the gems on bottom right moving giving false hope that the game isnt frozen!
    had to go get a keyboard plug it in , alt tab out. tell steam close game. close steam. but my taskbar is gone forever and my video looks jacked.
    so i must reboot using power button,which i hate.
    then this happens every time, it always changes my video settings! so i have to go back to settings, ease of access, high contrast- it says its on, but its broken, so i have to turn it off - then back on! this game seems to hate high contrast setting being on !
    please check it out, thanks

I’ve moved your second thread into your existing thread, as it all seems to be about the same sort of issues - then we can respond in one place.

We are still on a skeleton crew at the moment, but till I can bother some more devs:

  • We previously had made sure that on-screen keyboard (Steam on-screen keyboard) was compatible with PQ3 for accessibility reasons.
    Is it only since the latest update you are seeing issues with on-screen keyboard working when trying to type into chat?

    • Also, which on-screen keyboard do you use?
  • Running PQ3 for “many hours” while also running other programs sounds like it may be a memory issue, unrelated to using Dim Screen or PQ3 itself.
    How much RAM do you have on your PC?

  • What is your name code? This can be found in the Settings screen in the bottom left.