QOL Request Font Size to be larger in places

Not the first time I’ve mentioned fonts are small but some specific examples as new/newish stuff is being introduced with small fonts.

I play on a 6.2" 2400x1080 phone which results in a screen that is 68mm high. This means some of the fonts are incredibly small. I’d put a picture on the forum that is displayed at 68mm high if I could but I can’t so…

PVP % bonus is just 1.1 mm high. Difficult for me to read in less than ideal lighting, and even in good lighting I need to bring the phone closer to me to be able to read them.

And if I don’t want to be generous the bright white part is only .93 of a mm.
Screenshot (22)

Then the gold cap at just .85 of a mm. The shading above and below the number is closer to the colour of the background so it’s not included. At least I know what this number is because I couldn’t read if I didn’t know what it was as it’s so dark.
Screenshot (23)

Lastly the ? stats on gear. Once again .93 mm and purple on a brownish colour. Mostly unreadable.
Screenshot (24)

There’s more cases in the game but these are some of the newer issues or ones I have been dealing with in the last few days.


While you’re at it, make the red warning/capped text more legible, maybe with a white outline or something?

Sorry one more. Once again 0.85 mm but the red on black I can’t read on my phone even when borrowing reading glasses and holding my phone 20cm from my face.