[a11y] Hard to see some text

I’ll use this thread to list things that I found hard to discern visually.

I’d like more people to be able to enjoy PQ3 even if they have imperfect eyesight or tiny phones :slight_smile:

Resistance values during combat. In addition to the low contrast and small size, this number is split between two backgrounds, making it especially hard to distinguish between digits that differ by a mid horizontal line (e.g. 1 vs 4). But my guess is that the text just needs a brightness boost, like the armor value already has.


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Mythic red text. It’s a dark red, but it accompanies white text so it generally appears on dark backgrounds. Depending on the particular background the result can be eyewatering or nigh unreadable.

I think this can be addressed by using a brighter color for mythic red text. The color used for mythic borders / backgrounds doesn’t necessarily need to change,

Item levels in chests

The yellow glow makes it hard to see the white digit. This is primarily a problem for single-digit numbers; for two-digit numbers the glow appears between the two digits. Consider just leaving out the glow for any item below level 10.

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Event chests beyond the third. I didn’t see this horizontal scrollbar at first, so I thought each event only had three chests available. In fact, three-day events have six chests.

The simplest fix would be to alter the background/colors to make the scrollbar more visible. Another possibility is to show a sliver of the fourth chest, as a direct indication that there’s more to see. But perhaps the best fix would be to show the chests in two rows (like the grid of early rewards in PvP tourneys) so there’s no need to scroll.

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I actually chuckled when I saw the heading for this. I personally would have used a larger word than some in the thread bedding. I mentioned the first two that you have mentioned approximately a year ago now. Although for the second one I was mainly talking about epic gear.

There are also a number of gear and spell descriptions that have super small text. It’s readable but I need to squint and bring the phone closer to my face. This is why I use the gear guide spreadsheet on the internet when I’m looking at stuff like this rather than in game.


Fire & Dark citadel options. Lighter text colors would help here.

Upgrade effects (specials). The full effect is shown on the screen three times. Perhaps this can be reduced to two by rearranging everything. Or, perhaps the “upgrade effects” section can show an abbreviated version, such as “+0.5% chance to blind” or “chance to blind: 1% → 1.5%”.

Upgrade costs (shards). There’s enough space for the numbers to be shown in a larger font size. The materials might need to be spaced out a little more, though. Consider hiding the numerators (amount owned) for shards, and just showing the amount required.

No, the amount I currently have is an important factor deciding if I want the upgrade or not.


I have to agree with KerGiz

Complex enemy abilities. The tooltip could be larger when there’s more text to display, such as with “Flaming Thrusts”.

Expiring offers. Red text on various blue backgrounds.

Tough to see the “create possessed gem” text here. Sorry if im late to the party and somebody has already pointed this out