Accessibility Feedback

Hey all,

Currently, we are working on improving accessibility features centered around colour blindness and other types of visual impairment.

If you are colourblind and would like to share some feedback please answer the following questions by either replying here or sending a Feedback ticket to our Support team.

  1. What type of colour blindness do you have? E.g Monochromacy (no colour), Deuteranopia (green), Protanopia (red) or Tritanopia (blue)?
  2. Is there any specific Gem you notice that is particularly difficult to differentiate?
  3. Are there any interface elements that are hard to view? This can include words, prompts, icons etc.
  4. What changes would you most like to see?
    Such as a monochromatic high-contrast mode, adding an emphasis on shapes/silhouettes instead of colours, a slider to increase outline intensity on Gems, swapping colours so that on-screen elements are distinguishable etc.

Also, any further feedback specific to colour blindness accessibility or other types of visual impairment that are not covered by these questions is also valued!

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

No specific eyesight problems but I’m getting old enough to very occasionally put reading glasses for super small print. I’d like to bring to your attention the purple number 3 in this screenshot where you gain 3%. I can read this number when it’s in different colours (at different rarities) I can also read the number if I turn my screen to maximum brightness but I can’t read this number when my phone is on auto brightness. I guess it’s the purple on blue thing.
Although my suggestion would not be to change the colour but to make the font bigger and use more of the box to display the text. If it started near the top of the box with a larger font you could fit three lines of text in here.

Actually there is lots of small print in this game which I would love to be a bit bigger and therefore making it easier to read without having to bring the phone closer to my face. It has a 6.18" screen.

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My eyes are often very uncomfortable by the flash which appears when opening chests. Please, this doesnt require a large change - fix this for us. This issue has been brought up many times in various threads since early access.


A couple more:

The XP amount after a battle is a dark purple on a dark background - Hard to read

The amount of resistance you have in battle. Yellow digits on yellow background. - Many digits in the number are difficult to read.

Edit: Screenshot added. The yellow barrier behind the resistance makes the resistance impossible to read on a phone screen.