[Fix in 2.2.1] Pvp Players image missing

On steam not sure if on any mobile or other platform I don’t see the image of my character or opponent on the preview battle screen during matchup.

I got a similar problem twice or so.

It’s all the time for me.

Now I can say it is also common for me. I guess I was just not paying attention before :sweat_smile: I play on android, lowest graphic settings.

As the opponent in question, I see myself, and my opponents, too.
Also, I play low-res, because it is a crazy summer here, and on higher graphics my laptop gets really hot when playing.

So far is everyone in here playing on Low graphics? If so, does it resolve once you increase the quality?

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Very low or low no images anything higher there is image for pvp preview screen for me. Maybe for low and very low a static visual instead of the animated 3d one could be something that could be done?