Infinity Plus Two refund issues

Posting this here because Puzzle Quest 3 is similar in nature to Gems of War and also belongs to Infinity Plus Two.

For those not aware yet, Gems of War recently sold event gashas that did not contain the big jackpot, Arachnean Weaver, contrary to pusblished odds and game documentation. They refuse to roll back the inferior gashas or to compensate purchases in any way. For the full story see Arachnean Weaver compensation - Feature Requests and Game feedback - Gems of War | Forums. If you play Gems of War and gambled on Arachean Weaver you may want to undertake steps to get your money back, or even report them on your platform for violating gasha regulations. Please spread the word if you know others who might be owed a refund by Infinity Plus Two.

Same company, same monetization on everything, same lack of communication.
So could easily happen in this game too…

Just providing a little context on this issue for PQ3 forum users, as well as the response that’s been provided to our Gems of War players. Also… a quick note that we don’t really support these types of cross posts, and in future we may delete them. In this instance though, we feel that a response (and locking the thread) is more appropriate.

The situation being discussed is that we released a new mythic troop into Gems of War. Mythic troops are exclusive to chests for a week (i.e. if you get a Mythic troop from a chest, and the new troop is available from that chest, you WILL always receive that troop. A small gray area existed with a chest type which is a weekly-kingdom chest. It only gives a subset of troops from a “weekly kingdom”. Most months, when we release a mythic troop, it cannot be in that chest, but in this case the Mythic Troop & the weekly kingdom chest lined up. This did not specifically get called out in a our standard news post - but in all fairness it did not NOT get called out either… in other words, we never gave confirmation that it WAS or WAS NOT in those chests.

A final note on this… The way this works was actually implemented as player feedback about 3 years ago.

Okay - that context out of the way. It appears that some players assumed it would work differently than it did, and spent keys trying to get a troop (Arachnaean Weaver) from the chest that was not available, and would like a refund.

Our response has been this:

  • If we had made a mistake and misled anybody we would certainly give a refund. We almost always do, and if it’s not possible to refund we will compensate in some other way
  • In this case the game was functioning as intended - indeed as players had requested it function.
  • Our news item, although missing a piece of information, was not incorrect in the information it provided
  • The in-game screens never gave any indication this troop, the Arachnaean Weaver, was available either
  • With that in mind, we do not believe that a refund is appropriate in this case
  • HOWEVER, we have notified all players that we will be putting Arachnaean Weaver into the Soulforge (our crafting system) at a highly discounted resource-cost for a couple of weeks, for anybody who wants to craft it.