Inventory and Follower Update

Hey Adventurers!

Just a couple of updates today-

Your Inventory, Spells and Minions are being increased today!
Inventory: 75 → 90
Minions & Spells: 25 → 30

Thank you for your patience with this one! We had intended for this to go out at Daily Reset, but the devs needed to get another fix out for a problem that arose with a Flash Offer over the weekend so they wanted to work quickly to get that resolved. Both fixes have been pushed out together. We’re sorry for the communication delay there.

Follower Updates!

The first set of Follower Updates will be introduced in update 1.4! We’re very excited about these and can confirm that there will be a use for crystals on updated Level 50 Followers.

Many of you noticed that these came off the last Roadmap that was posted. This was just an oversight because, as we mentioned last time, the Follower Updates are being broken down into groups of Followers so it made the feature a little smaller than the kind we normally have on the Roadmap. Apologies for the confusion there!


When will this go live? OK, it’s live for me now 30 minutes later (on Android)

Hey @Mythos

The inventory update is now live :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:


Finally some communication! Yay! Good to have our questions, and the changes to the roadmap, finally addressed!

Disappointed we only got 15 inventory slots. Was hoping for at least 25…. Not looking forward to having to do inventory juggle to be able to play, so task for a different day. 15 is better than nothing at least though. Now I have room for the new set.

Made a post with feedback and suggestions on the followers. Perhaps some of it might be useful if you’re currently working on them!