Mini CX Update!

Hello everyone,

As you are aware, the development team has been hard at work on preparing everything for our console release but that doesn’t mean we have lost focus on our adventurers already out in Etheria!

So while there is no Community blog this month, I wanted to touch base with you all on some of the most recent bugs you reported to us and where we are at with a couple of other items!

I’ve updated our current known issues list pre 2.1 to keep you up to date on the other current issues we are aware of and working on! Which can be found here.

Recently fixes released for the following:

  • Disease causes Ult spell activation but is uncastable
    • Fixed in 2.0.0
  • Part 10 in battles gives low XP than expected
    • Fixed in 2.0.1
  • RE Error after reducing Adventure difficulty
    • Fixed in 2.0.2
  • Hero Select/Swap screen list doesn’t default to Main hero
    • Fixed in 2.1.0

We have also been gathering your feedback and passed on a number of Quality of Life suggestions. Here are some you can expect to see in the next update!

  • We removed the delay in the Hero animation in the Hero creation and selection screens.
  • Follower upgrade buttons will now remain blue if you do not have the resources to upgrade them.
  • When using the Material finder for Follower Crystals in chests, it will now link you to the Dungeon in which those Chests can be found.
  • A confirmation pop up will appear for all premium currency purchases.
  • Started work on Kingdom Bazaar restock notifications.

Note these are just a sample of what is to come in 2.1!

Lastly, on Monday after daily reset, we have scheduled an Armor Glyph for Food offer in the Kingdom Bazaar.

Kingdom Bazaar deals are not programmed to be set to specific resources, they are randomly generated and cycled. Which is why this took some extra time to make sure it was something we can work around for this one instance.
Be sure to tell your Kingdom mates so no one misses out!

I’ll comment in this thread again once it’s live to bump it to the top of the Forum and duck into Global chat to let you know as well!

:sparkles: Jeto - your local support human


Thank you very much. To be honest, I had no much hope on this, being a small issue that only affected few people. After all this time without any info on this I was sure it had just be buried under all the new stuff and issues. I am happy to see I was wrong, sorry for having such little faith.

It’s extremely reassuring knowing that you and the team have devoted time and effort in search of a way to make up for our bad experience on that day. In fact, I have to say that for me this has even more value than the glyphs themselves (which believe me, they already have a high value). Compensation is always great and welcomed, but what really makes up for the bad experience with the baazar issue is knowing that the team behind the game cares about us and works hard to make the best experience for us.

So, again, thank you.


Thank you.
A “Switch between AP/Timer” button on main screen would be great.

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