[INVESTIGATING] 3-Day Event Dungeon Scoring Bug

Coming up on 4 weeks since this was first reported. Either extra scoring is intended or it isnt, that shouldnt really require a huge investigation by the you or the developer. The lack of response suggests that its unintended but there is a lack of explanation which is discouraging.

Did anyone catch the end of the event cycle and record who was the other person that scored over 54,090?

No idea on the second player. But when I logged in this morning, I too had lost 500 gems. I had actually spent 900 gems in the event for the first time and finished with the actually possible maximum points. As all of us have been repeatedly saying, PQ3 people, you need to be much much more responsive and faster in correcting and at least giving correct replies to our queries. We all love the game, but you people should not make us hate it …


And here we go again and again:

Please address this. This is bullshit at this point.


Its absurd, 1000 gems lost now (which I paid into it) due to this bug. This isnt a player paying more. That would be annoying, but its part of the game. This is a bug and likely bug-abuse and it is very frusterating.


Oh… This thing has been happening for a month? I did a tier 3 last week expecting to tie 1st. Got 500 gems and said, welp, that was mistake, and resumed not purchasing tiers.

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its seems weird… or at least a good clue that it is often the same person. Not always but often. My spidey sense tells me that its a bug that honest people are occasionally tripping into and someone else is purposely triggering.


This is not just absurd but grossly irresponsible on the part of PQ3, not to make any correction and even not replying correctly to all our concerns. It seems the devs are ‘extremely happy’ to see more and more people leaving the game.

No issues on the last two 3-day events. Was something fixed? Did the issue not come up? Who knows.

Spoke too soon. It would be nice if some sort of follow up actually occurred. Feels like this has been stuck at “investigating” a bit too long.


But it negatively impacts players.

One wonders sarcastically whether that wouldn’t be considered a good thing the way things are going.


Now thie actual event ends in 2 players above 54.090!
CrazDoG with the already known 54.990 and RedRose with 54.960!
What is common for both: they played as berserkers.

This means we now loose 500gems!!! And again, and again …
How do you think to give us compensation for this bug?


Screenshot of soon to be final 3 day dungeon leaderboard; as described above, we have two people now that have exceeded the “perfect” score resulting in the other 1,000 gem spenders who achieved the 54,090 score in third.


I wonder at this point if the “fix” for the exploit requires a client patch that the devs do not want to talk about publicly (because it would advertise that the exploit is currently unfixable).

Also, I just saw a compensation email come in regarding more incoming balance changes. Perhaps the fix for this will be included in the update? Compensation email had 250 gems + 50x each weapon shard type? Weapon rebalancing incoming?


Same song, different verse again today.

Another 54,990 score, and not from RedRose either.


And all of us others, who “only” got the PERFECT SCORE, poorer by 250 gems, if not more, if someone else tries to “just be the no.1.”

it’s been two months. You guys are quite simply bad at this.

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Another round where I know the player who ended with the 900 more points has no idea whatsoever why.

We have been wondering for months why there is such a failure to deal with the community which is actually trying to be constructive. Well, loosing the constructive I guess due to the utter lack of usefulness for this forum.

Please change the header from [INVESTINGATING] to [WE DGAF ANYMORE]. Thanks.

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You are being presumptuous using the word “anymore”