[Investigating] Landshark boots bug

finally got the landshark boots after spending many coins. Put them to use and not a single time did the bonus activate. There are times when i even have 20 plus greens connected and still nothing

Any update on this please. Want to start using these boots i payed money for

Hello! Looking into this, I have not been able to replicate what you have potentially experienced and can’t locate any instance of there being a bug or issue with this triggering.

It is based on chance though so while there is a high chance for them to trigger, there is still the chance they won’t. I also passed this on to the team to test as well, and they have also been able to get this bonus to trigger.

If you are able to get a video of this occurring, that would be greatly helpful for investigating further but at this stage we are able to trigger the bonus.

I understand its down to chance but so is the haste affect on trarg helm annd that triggers alot. Ive used the boots and the bonus has never triggered for me atall 1 time