[Not a bug] Useless dwarf boots

After 2 months playing on Xbox One it is incredible to recognize that the game developers are capable of programming this game, but the dwarf’s boots, which coincidentally are the only ones that give armor for 5 combinations, like the guard’s body, are still without working. After several supposed patches to fix it. I hope one day they learn to copy a code from a body and put it on their boots.

The Boots have had a couple of different issues, some were resolved but then something else has appeared. Currently, I can confirm they are applying the bonus but inconsistently.

Just completed a battle and had the following:

Matched these 5 green gems, no armor

but matched these 6 yellow gems


I have updated the original reports as well as created a new one for this inconsistent boost!

Also should note, no spells were cast for gem generation as that was ALSO an issue for the boots at one point

Update: Heard back from the team, the boots are working and to clarify it is when you make 5 unique matches and not one match of 5. This includes Gems that fall in and make matches as well.

But passed on to the team to clarify this in the item description better, as it reads like it is just any match of 5 or more Gems.

Thank you very much for the clarification. Now that I know how they really work, it’s a shame I wasted my resources on these boots.