[Investigating] Stuck at loading screen after update

Apple iPhone 12Pro Max iOS 15.4.1

When I try to launch the game after updating, the loading screen come up, the progress bar fills quickly, and then nothing happens. The game just sits at the loading screen.

Started happening the first time I opened the game after the latest update and happens every time I launch the game.


Same issue, iPhone XR, app version 1.1.118822. Updated last night, unable to proceed past asset loading screen.

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Updated to newest version a few hours ago. Stuck on loading screen. Using iPhone XR. To be fair, Apple sucks, so…

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Thank you for posting an bringing this to our attention. I have passed this on to the Development Team to investigate.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

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Update: I offloaded the app and reinstalled. Now working normally.

@Wilthor How to I make sure I don’t lose my progress when uninstalling the app?

Hi @Mcav86 ,

From the Main Menu button (triple horizontal lines in upper left corner of screen), select Settings, click/tap Account and then Register Account from the screen that appears.

Once completed, your settings screen should look like this,

I can’t do that because I’m stuck at the asset loading screen. I can’t access the menu.

Can you reach the customer support screen from this link?


Customer support might be able to link your account using this form, as an Account Issue.