[Investigating] Xione's flash offer doesn't work correctly with GooglePlay

Xiones’s flash offer 10x 1000 spell dust:
Could complete 6 purchases. At 7th I got an error:

After about 12 hours I tried again: error again. Message says article is not available.

@Egara was this on steam or android?

Googleplay and Googlepay can only be Android!

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Oh I fully missed it says google play - do you also play on Steam? If so, can you check if this issue also occurs when you try and make the purchase there (on steam) - if you are still looking to purchase more of this offer

The error the team can see looks like it may be platform specific and not account specific.

Venmo me $10 and I will test it for ya :slight_smile:

@Egara just confirming, this message appeared before you go to the payment/money is taken?

Don’t imagine anyone had made more than 6 purchases of this offer, that can confirm it either can surpass 6 or confirm it also broke at 6?

It broke at 7th.
It happened after I confirmed payment on my side.
Concerning Steam: I installed it but don’t purchase. Offers in Steam are in Dollars and I have to pay an currency exchange rate to Euro additionally.

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Were you also charged then for the 7th offer, or did it fail and cancel?
If it went through and you have all 7 receipts, can you please submit a ticket so we can discuss this further.

I was charged for the 7th purchase. But this morning I got an Email from Google that they booked it back. So it should be ok.

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I’ll keep my peepers out in case something pops up again in future!