[Investigating] XP for part 10 fights of chapter 3 hard mode are much less than other parts


The XP gained for completing part 10 (the ‘dungeon’ fight) of a chapter gives you significantly less XP than that of the other parts (eg: a skirmish fight).

Here is a screen shot of my part 10 fight at the end of chapter 3 hard mode:

for reference, I noted the xp for the fights running up to this one:

fight 1 of part 8 of chapter 3 hard mode, 206
fight 2 of part 8 of chapter 3 hard mode, 206
fight 2 of part 9 of chapter 3 hard mode, 208

considering it is a longer fight and with more enemies at a higher level, I would have expected more xp in return.

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I also noted this for Chapter 2, but didn’t take a screen shot. Presumably affects Chapter 1 as well.

I know this is an old thread but rather than post my own, I thought I’d add to this one.

This is still a problem. If I play a normal mission on Season 1.1 Chapter 2 part 9 I get 114 XP for both missions but for the dungeon I only get 11 XP(This might have been 21 XP).

That doesn’t seem right.

Similar story for Chapter 3 on Normal
Part 9 136 XP
Part 10 22 XP

This bug is still happening across all Part 10s that I complete in seasonal archives, regardless of the difficulty level. I’d imagine it probably happens in the main story too, but I can’t check that. Any chance we could fix this?

I’ll follow this one up with the team as I do remember looking into this when it was initially reported! Thank you for bringing this to my attention again.