Is there some reason the game uses 3D models for battle?

Seems absolutely pointless for a match-3 to me? All it does is makes the graphics REALLY pixel-y on a lower-end phone, which isn’t a good impression for something that SHOULD be able to run on a low-end phone with no issues (aka: it’s a puzzle game, it should only be 2D?)

Maybe this is due to the PC release coming, but even then nobody had issues with 2D graphics for characters/enemies in Puzzle Quest 1/CotW and Puzzle Quest 2.

People had issues with Puzzle Quest 2’s game design, which has nothing to do with graphics.

We are using 3D models to stay current! There is always mixed feedback regarding 2D VS 3D graphics. For example, on our other title, Gems of War, players do ask for us to include 3D graphics in a well established match 3 game.

We were excited to branch out.

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