Item Crafter "Craft Armor/Accessory/Weapon for" abilities should at least return Rare Quality items

I brought this up in another thread but that was about faulty random generation so I’m reposting it here for discussion.

Something that should be looked at: Toragon’s Craft Armor for Set ability (and Soulchaser/Gemka): it says that the gear will be a random armor piece from the selected gear set and its element will be random as well. I feel like this implies that the quality of the gear will be at least Rare (as less than Rare does not have an element and an absence of an element to me is not a random element). However, uncommon gear is a frequent result in that selection. Given that its 250 gems and an Epic Relic to craft, a minimum of Rare quality should result.

Just tested and confirmed: The Craft Armor for Slot and Set ability requires 350 gems and a Legendary Relic, and can also return uncommon items even at Crafter level 50:


Adding my comment form that thread here so it doesn’t get lost.

I wanted to weigh in with a big +1 here. There is zero value in spending 250 gems and epic relics without having at least some guarantee that the item you’re getting is going to be at least rare (which the description and cost imply).

A player might be inclined to use this craft multiple times until they get the colour they are looking for (if they don’t have Toragon to L45 or L50).

As it stands, if you are in a situation where you want say, a Red Bloodfang Twinblade you can either:

a. Gamble all of your gems and epic relics and receive mostly common/uncommon items from this craft (as has been my experience)
b. Farm from the Chapter 15 dungeon, which given that dungeon chests have a habit of dropping absolutely everything except gear from the dungeon you’re running would take an eternity - including the frustration of upgrading common/uncommon items to rare only to get the wrong colour.

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