Green tier of crafting

The green (2nd) tier of crafting suggests strongly that we’ll get an item with an element when this is used.

I often get an uncommon quality (no element) item instead, the likes of which are usable in restricted tournaments since they have no element.

According to the text, i think the items made should be of at least rare quality to align with the text of that tier of crafting.

Hey @Zudaio

I added this to some similar feedback I shared in regards to Tier 3 crafting items with Toragon!
So the team will look possibly including or editing the text to be something like “Crafted items will be from X - Y rarity” instead of just “will be up to X rarity”.


Or edit this text to change the last line to potentially “All other features will be random.”


But all crafting, at the lower crafting tiers, will be a random rarity up to your Follower levels ability.

Perhaps a small change?
In GoW the guild chest loses the lower tiers when upgraded.
Can the Legendary craft NOT result common items (only uncommon to epic), and Mythic craft result only rare to legendary?
It would be lesser disappointment…

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