What can a Level 50 item crafting follower produce

As followers progress to higher levels, does the “Crafted gear will be up to … rarity” increase beyond Epic?
Given the investment of 25 follower crystals to get Toragon from Level 45 to Level 50 - Can you confirm what the maximum rarity of gear he can craft at level 50?


Would love know as well.

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So… Been a few days now

I can’t think of a more constructive way to ask the question

I’m still hoping for an answer


The answer to your question now may not be the answer to your question in a few weeks when the next update lands.

Devs may not be ready to discuss the upcoming follower system changes, and hence the radio silence on the matter.

I don’t believe anyone has a 50 crafter yet on the current system to answer your question. I can tell you from my personal account that at 49, crafters are still maxed at producing Epic things. If RNG blesses me with the right crystals before the update, I’ll let you know.

Thanks for the reply and you might be right about the update

Since currently you have the option to spend $ to buy follower crystals, obtaining L50 would be possible (assuming RNG allows it), it follows that it must be coded in the game.

I would have expected a question about a basic and fairly fundamental game mechanic would be simple to answer

(and perhaps opens the conversation around why does a player not have the game information they want/need to play the game and how can it be better provided to them)

I’ll keep hoping for an official response :crossed_fingers:


Hey all,

The rarity for their crafted items does increase, in your example with Toragon they can craft gear up to Legendary and takes an hour once they are level 50!

As do the other Followers who craft, except for Darkhunter who at level 45 already crafts Legendary items and at level 50 can craft Mythic.


Thanks Jeto, makes sense and glad to have the official answer :slight_smile:
Certainly makes the follower crystals more attractive

I’m sure it’s been thought of, but just in case - Future uses for follower crystals (other than Eveline) when they reach L50?

The team has a few ideas about what other uses the Crystals will have after your Followers are completely levelled! The ability to use them for crafting is one of them.

This won’t be out with the next update, but is planned for a future update!


Hey Jeto,
Been a few months, any further update on the post-Level 50 follower crystal use?
Or which update it will be part of?
Or even when information about this will be available?

Happy to hoard them in the short term, but currently the value of the quest pass is reduced because the follower crystals are random - (This would change if they were random but only from the pool of the ones you need to get a follower to L50)


Also very interested… :popcorn:

You announced a follower rework. Maybe the exceeding crystals can be used like with Eveline for additional tasks we miss and are
already reported like

  • change of attributes/ perks
  • exchange / downgrade of shards (Grungli; Remark: don’t use him up to now. Other or better gear, weapon or spell are more important)
  • change of color
  • etc.