Item duping from chests

The loot from Dungeon chests is given the same item twice (sometimes three times) way too often be attributed to “just RNG”. I’ve had a chest with 2 Dreamhold gloves or rings quite a few times, yet it’s never dropped the body or helmet.

It’s happened so much with lesser loot that I’ve almost stopped noticing altogether.

Double-checked with the team but all types of Gear have the same chance to drop from a chest.

But something to consider is there is only one Accessory that Season (the Ring) whereas there are 4 different armor items. So that chance for Armor is then almost split again into 4.

Just had a quick test on my personal account and I did get the 1.3 Dreamhold chest piece, so I can confirm it is available.

Thanks for checking, but 1.3 content was just one example (although I’ve had 2 gloves a few times). I’m always getting dupes, to the point where I’ve started taking screenshots to send you once I have enough. I had 3 runic rings last week, and I’m always getting 2 of everything (2 red bloodfang twinblades yesterday).