Kingdom Defense - XX Solo

I am not sure if this has been done before…

Video of the attempt: PQ3 Kingdom Defense XX Solo Run - YouTube

It is hard to see in the video, but the final hit was 11,041,124.


I wouldn’t say this is hard to do. What is hard is killing the Dragon in 1 attempt. My most successful single attempt is 22M of course due to RNG. My average hit on every color dragon is 12M, so I’m able to solo kill every color dragon unless get a bad luck run which can end with 4-5M

Of course as of right now there is no way to flex due to how overkill works, but as soon as they fix overkill I think we can easily see 40-50M flex damage score for KD

That is 1 attempt.

The damage dealt is 34,060,000.

Your 22M is a solid run. My previous high was 24M with a bunch of 17M efforts.

I think with a real overkill feature we would see 1 attempt kills often enough. The real hard part is getting all of the ‘other’ factors lined up. 1st attack at spawn time. Getting enough mana denial, friendly cascades, etc. to be able to deliver enough turns of damage.

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Lol… here i am struggling to beat a 1.5M Dragon, although i can beat lvl 90 enemies in dungeons

Impressive achievement.

Although, that kind of an outcome is a textbook example of why the game badly needs caps on a lot more attributes than just Block/Block Chance to keep numbers from spiraling out of control leading to outcomes like that.

Maybe you need to get more specific. I don’t understand what you see as the problem that “the game badly needs” a solution for.

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Also there is also an insane amount of luck in that video, not just the lack of caps. There were way more turns than you would normally get against a dragon. The 2nd half of the video the dragon is one match away from filling it’s death spell. I don’t think I have ever managed that many turns against a dragon. Last week I was even killed on the dragon’s 2nd turn when it got an amazing cascade.

The main reason the last half is “lucky” due to fill of unclearable merc gems. As long as over about 1/3 to half of the field is filled with unclearable ult gems from mobs it’s relatively easy to control enemy gem fro cascade drops. Probably you go 10 turn+ with enemy making only 1 match