Make Quick Battles Give A Little Honor

We can basically only get honor when we do the tourneys, only one of which is really feasible to do(the open tourney) for any semblance of honor gains. Quick battles are borderline useless except for PvP bounties and them giving maybe 1-3 honor would actually give people a way to farm up food to level up followers. There needs to be a decent honor farm for the meta the game has been trying to cultivate as well as an easy way to help factions level up their food and ore deals. It would also make gold keys more accessible, which are the first keys whose chests can contain worthwhile contents.

Highly doubt they would let infinite farming of honor given that it is basically an in between currency between gems and crowns in its value. Gems of War oddly enough started the same way, in that the only way to get honor was limited per day based on PvP.

Gong upgrade currently the only thing that increases honor rate aside from that 5% guild thing. Gong would need a massive buff if they allowed infinite honor farming as the whole value of Gong is that he gives slightly higher honor per day.

It’s either my idea or they increase honor payouts for the tourneys, which I doubt they’ll do.

Biggest issue with honor currently is it is very frontloaded.

The weekly reset day with a level 1 Gong gives around 80%-90% of all honor earned in a week.

Even with a higher leveled Gong, the reset day earns around 70% or so of all weekly honor.

I agree with the previous comments about honor. However, I also agree that there should be something approaching a reason for the quick battles, otherwise why have them at all?

The quick battles for pvp are currently used to gain hero mastery. Current setup of the game requires 2,500 pvp battles with all 5 classes. The quick battle pvp option is the quickest way to do it.

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Aha! I didn’t even think about hero mastery. :nerd_face: Thanks!