Massive step backwards

This latest update is terrible. Spells nerfed into oblivion. Game lags so much can’t make moves hardly. Was looking forward to this update but am very disappointed.


Amen. Nerfing spells or buffing enemies alone would have dramatically increased the difficulty of a game that already has an impossibly hard end game, doing both made it so that I can’t even beat a level 55 dungeon without dying, where I was working on level 70 and 75 dungeons on .35. This isn’t fun. It’s not a challenge, it’s just the game thumbing it’s nose at the players and laughing.

Chests still suck, relics and follower gems are now, theoretically, obtainable, but they’re random chance and not farmable. This makes them only very slightly less frustrating than when they were pretty much totally unobtainable. Gear improvement is so far out of sync with leveling it’s painful, and the inventory limitations are egregious. This update made old problems worse and only made the barest hint towards fixing evolution issues. I wish I could roll back to .35 :frowning:


Pvp takes FOREVER. I just don’t have the time to do 30 pvp matches daily on this patch, it’s something that has to be sacrificed if I want to continue playing. Pvp alone now takes over half an hour with the rewards unchanged. Dungeons take much longer but rewards are again the exact same, not even dungeon marks have been changed to compensate for the significant time increase.

The patch has been out for only a few hours and already the game feels like a chore, meant to just tire the player out until they give up entirely.


I do wonder if any of the beta testers for this new update actually played it! If they did, were they testing in some GOD mode or with unlimited credits?

I agree that many of the spells were over-powered, but the changes are stupid. Most of the time the opponent gets two hits on you before you manage to charge any spells. Obviously, by that time you’re dead. And that’s just playing a 49 char on dungeon 49! I haven’t even bothered with my fully powered chars on level 100 dungeons.

This game has got worse, and I didn’t think that would be possible after the 0.35 update!


For your reference @Taliesin based on your question in game

I finally got the gear to the appropriate level with the update to be able to battle the baddies almost at the end of the game. Got the upgraded shield and weapon and hopped in. Aaaaaaand now the baddies health and stats have increased too. So I’m literally in the exact same spot I was before, getting killed in 2 - 3 hits and barely making a dent.

Come on guys, this was such an entertaining game and I’m just about done with it now. Was so excited for this update and it’s not an improvement…


And my phone is melting again! Left it on my desk for an hour with the game loaded and it shutdown due to overheating! Brilliant!

Guess I’ll be waiting for the NEXT update! Wonder what will get screwed up next time!