Miscellanous Bugs

Posting some minor bugs and quirks that were discovered in last night’s testing:


  • The Empowered status toggle radio button on the Party Formation Screen does not work. The radio button toggles on/off, but Empowered status stays locked on “Yes”. Currently, only the party leader can toggle Empowered status on/off through the battle select pop-up.

  • Quirk, which may not be a bug: If any player is knocked out during a dungeon run, all players in the party automatically fail the “No Deaths” prize condition at the rewards screen.

Pet Missions

  • If, upon completion of any mission, a pet successfully rolls its Bonus Key Chance to reward the player with a key, the reward banner that appears to notify the player of the successful roll is missing data. Both the heading and data fields on the banner are currently blank, reporting variable names to the player.