More end game content

The topic I would like to discuss is end game content.
I have been playing pq3 for quite a while now and have got all class story modes complete all characters are at level 50.
So when I load up the game now on my main character I complete the 6 daily challenges,both events the 1 day and 3 day,all tourney battles and so on and eventually I find I am grinding out old story levels just for xp to lvl up citadel which is now tedious as I am at the 19-20k mark to gain 1 lvl and I feel there is not enough scope for end game players as the rewards are so minimal per i.e blue crystal gain glyphs tier 4 relics etc for high end players what does everyone else think?


Totally agree, I also want to note that sooner or later an absolutely insane amount of unnecessary items (shards, mythic runes/scrolls, follower crystals such as Eveline/Brie/Adhakus/Auri/Gong/etc) accumulate that have nowhere to be used