More Core to the Lore!

Just straight forward:

There goes incredibly much more!


You are wasting potential if you add adhoc things to the game that have nothing to do with the pure PQH (Puzzle Quest History). Of course, on the other hand, it’s also commendable, but only if you give enough background information; especially to all those who are not so well versed with the different lore levels. There are certainly more than enough players here who have question marks in their eyes when you throw around names like Garranoth, Arranoth or Gornak Elfeater. Personally, the one-liners or two-liners from the party’s conversations are just too little for me, even if I know exactly what it’s about.

PQH, after all, has enough historical Warlords stuff in it that understanding can easily be built upon, even if you haven’t played PQ1. And with PQ2, another gate has been opened if you have explicitly dealt with the name of the final boss. Again, it doesn’t necessarily require playing PQ2 if you decide that this sub-universe will find its way into PQ3; then there just needs to be proper input!

Also, I recall that some players have already remarked that individual party members rarely if ever get a chance to speak within the conversations; at this point, it does lend itself to picking up on this issue in the same turn and bringing the whole conversation/content theme back to life.

I’m sure I’m not the only person in this community who wants to experience something, to discover a newly created universe string, to dive into a gripping continuation of the story. Gaming people, in a way, always want to be swept along by what they’re playing, to root for and possibly be infected by individual destinies; even if it’s “just” a match-3 game.

My offer to you on Twitter that I can help still stands, even though there has been no response to date and I honestly don’t expect one.

Last but not least, you know best where the journey should go. But all this is of no use if players don’t feel sufficiently entertained. So make something out of it.