[More info needed] Interface freezing on selvage

Hello Dev’s and fellow players.

I am finding that selvaging items causes the whole game i terface to frezze. No response only salution is to reboot game. This has become extremly wearisome.

Select item
Select salvage item
Salvage item
Game interface none responsive

Reboot game/ close game restart
Wait for game to load
Open interface
Select next item to salvage
Select salvage item
Salvage item
Game interface non responsive

See above
Rinse repeat
Time spent forty plus minutes
Time spent actually playing 0 minutes.

Could Dev team please address this interface issue
Thanks so kindly.

Hey, sorry you’re having this issue, could you please provide some additional information?

  • Which platform are you playing on? (ie. Android, iOS, PC, Xbox, Playstation?)
  • If you’re playing on mobile, what model phone or tablet are you playing on?
  • If you are on Playstation did you claim the Azure Crusaders Bundle?

I play on both PC and mobile and quite sure this bug only happen on mobile. Never seen this on PC.
I use latest version of iPad.

It’s quite uncommon, but when it occurs it WILL happen multiple times in a short period.

Hi Kafka, thanks for reply

Mobile, Android Samsung Galaxy Series