New Class Ideas

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So, part of the fun of this game is the ability to play as so many different classes. The devs are continuing to add more, so I’ve been thinking a lot about what new classes would be fun to have. I’ve come up with a few that I thought would be really cool for the game, and fit well with the existing classes. Here they are.


My first class idea is Beastrider. This classic but slightly rarer class features a humanoid creature who has a non-humanoid mount. This allows for interesting skills and an interesting look. For PQ, the mount could be something like this very cool cat shadow creature (Hellcat) from the latest event or something like the Smokat from the minions. The rider could be an existing race, or the opportunity could be used to create a new race, such as a plant/forest-based race, a satyr race, or some kind of beast race.

Skill could be things like Bite and Roar or combo attacks between the rider and the beast, or even healing options with skills like Lick. The Etrian Odyssey Rover is a good reference for some of the skill possibilities.

Different skins would be easy, because different types of creatures could be used as the mount for each one, with perhaps the rider having corresponding features (cat-like features for a cat mount, the minotaur for a wolf mount, etc.).

Potential problems: I did notice that the space for the characters in battle is very narrow and tall, which might make it hard to fit in a mount, but in that case, an upright mount cupping the character in their paws/hands would work.


My second class idea is a Monochromancer (or Eclipse Mage, if that’s a better name). This idea is taken from here. I found it when looking for classes that could be based around light and dark mana, and thought it was a very unique and interesting idea.

For PQ, this class could use light and dark mana, which would be an unusual combination. There isn’t an absorption-based class yet, so one possibility is that this class could absorb the colors of colored gems, changing them to unique white gems that give no mana (they would serve as sort of obstacles and have to be gotten rid of my matching or some other method, but it would be easy enough to get rid of them since there would be so many of them to match) in exchange for armor/resistance/health and/or some sort of unique buff in return. Or the white gems could function like the sort of gem that the Necromancer’s ultimate creates and be activated to have some kind of buff effect. One other possibility is that this class could have skills that change colored gems into light and dark gems.

In terms of looks/design, I think a stylish, slightly showy look would suit this class well, as black and white outfits are easy to make stylish and elegant. Also, I think that it would be better to try and avoid traditional mage’s robes for this class. They aren’t quite in style anymore, and are only really being used for mages still because no one has come up with something better that can be used widely. With those two things in mind, here are some potential ideas for this class’s looks:

A pattern of white and black halves, perhaps with a bit of a moon theme, would look cool and be thematically appropriate. The patterns on this outfit, this outfit, this outfit and this outfit serve as good examples of how amazing it can look when done well. For the type of outfit, a dress or top and pants with a cape, or just a dress or tunic by itself, would be reminiscent enough of mage robes to mark the character as a mage, while also being more modern and stylish. Also, most of the other classes lean towards the armored look, so it should be on the more rugged side that would look good as armor. Something like this/this (a side wrapping cape with a half white half black top and pants) has a simple but nice design that works well for combat and would go well with the designs of the other classes. And it would look gorgeous when the cape is fancied up with the monochrome pattern. An outfit cut like this, this, this, this, this/this, or this would be a bit fancier, but look great and still fit in. For something more robe-like, but still with a modern flair, something like this, this, or this are good options. And this is a good example of full armor. For the cape itself, it could be of regular fabric or something gauzy with moons and stars like this. Then finally there is also the option to have a design in this style with a monochrome striped cape. So there are a lot of ways to make the class look cool!

Lightning-based class (Storm Mage or Hiemalis)

There isn’t a lightning-based class in the game right now, so I thought there was space for one to be included. There are two possible classes that could fill this spot, one magic-based and one a physical-focused mage (which could probably be styled as a martial artist instead). The magic one is Storm Mage (which I came up with from playing Heroes of Might and Magic, where I had lots of fun playing as them). The physical one is Hiemalis, which is the Latin word for winter time or a rainy or stormy season. Light (since it’s the closest to lightning) and ice (since it’s the closest to water) gems could be the ones both of these classes use.

Skill-wise, there are a lot of options. This class could focus on stunning the enemy (since lightning shocks), or on reflected damage (based on the idea of a shield of lightning that damages the enemy when they hit it), or on shielding themselves (based off of the idea of a shield of wind).

Design-wise, this class’s clothes could feature a lightning and wind motif. Something like this would be cool.

Overall, this would be another interesting class with great potential.

Chronomancer/Time Mage

This is a class common to most Final Fantasy games, and I think it would make for an interesting addition here. We don’t have a class that affects the turn timer, so this could be a class that is based around doing that, and around board control. It might take some thought to get this class to work well, but I’m sure it would make for very fun gameplay if they can get it right. Mana colors for this class could be blue, as blue is usually the color for time mages and freezing enemies to slow them goes along with the time manipulation theme. The other color is fairly open, as lots of things could be made to fit, so it would be easy to have a unique color combination for this class.


From here. The Cholomancer is one of the cooler plant-based classes. Its name comes from the word chlorophyll, and it has a variety of nature-based skills. Visually, the skills could be very interesting, with dandelion fluff for shielding and healing, root attacks, sun beam attacks, pollen for poison attacks, mist, etc. Mana colors could be poison and light.


Someone on Reddit came up with this very cool class idea. They describe it as the following: “a master of enchanted masks, the Masquerader both crafts and wears masks of great magical power. When equipping a mask, they inherit special qualities and sometimes physical traits such as wings, claws, physical qualities and powers. The ability to change between different mask forms at will makes this one of the most flexible classes, potentially ready for a variety of scenarios.

The masks and animal attributes make something like this a very fitting outfit.
And perhaps it could themed after a mocking bird, or some other bird that imitates other birds to make it even more fitting.


So those are the ideas I’ve come up with for classes! Thanks for taking a look at them, and hopefully they were interesting!

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