No Respect For Series History

Is it true that there are things locked behind VIP, even if spending money on the game? Pocketgamer has quite a bit to say about the F2P aspects. I must say, I am only level 3 but this game feels someone took away everything that Puzzle Quest 1 & 2 and said “forget that awesome history,” and made a typical F2P matching game with every F2P nonsense possible. No respect to the history of this series. I hoped that with all your other puzzle games being typical F2P money-grabs you would be able to subsidize making this a legit game. So far, just menus and timers. A shame.

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It broke my heart when I learned they made a Freemium instead of a real game. What makes is ever worse is that the story and writing on that one are REALLY good…just get used to only getting a smidge of it onelce every couple of weeks.

At this time, there are no items in the game that are locked exclusively behind a VIP offer. Every spell and equipment piece can be farmed and potentially raised to Mythic rarity for free from their appropriate dungeons.

VIP offers are either more economical versions of offers presented to everyone or shortcuts for evolving rarities of spells and gear more quickly.


@Lyrian is correct. Nothing is locked behind vip other than an extra chest slot. That could be a big deal for a brand new player but quickly becomes not a big deal.

That said… this really isn’t Puzzle Quest. It’s more like a Puzzle Quest + Gems off War love child. This is what happens when the masses think games should be free. Spoiler alert: nothing is free.

Speaking personally… I would rather pay a premium price for a game or pay a monthly subscription, or even both, to avoid all of the hassles in these freemium games. But the majority thinks free time sucks are the bomb. So this is the reality we are in.


I also would much rather they had gone down the old route where you pay upfront for the game and get something that is more fun and without the frustrate to pay mechanics of limited capacity and timers.

Where did having to wait hours for your rewards after a battle become a fun mechanic to put into a game? Where did starting players off with only 2 or 3 slots seem like a good idea? Play for 10 mins, then suggest they close the game and come back hours later. Or put in the position where you should discard previous battle rewards just to continue playing.

Thankfully I’m well past that point having ground it out for months, and even got Northelm to Legendary after many many months, but it still puts a limit on the gaming session that just didn’t need to be there. :disappointed: