[Not a bug] Chapters not unlocking

When I complete Immortal Wounds and Poisonded Sea, it won’t unlock the chapter. I’ve tried restarting the game, etc. it won’t give me access to any skins or anything even though im completing it. I can play the chapter but it won’t unlock

What do you mean by “unlocking the chapter”?

Even though I complete the level (easy, hard,etc), it still shows as locked. I’ve beaten them on the difficulties, but they won’t unlock. I can’t get the skins, etc that I should’ve won for beating that mode.

Winning archive season story only gives ancient coins. Premium skins are only obtained by purchasing the Platinum Pass of the corresponding season and general skins can be purchased with ancient coins in the rewards tab. Premium skins of past seasons cannot be obtained anymore.


They can, but only when the merchant has a deal for them (which has always been for crowns so far), and is a pretty rare occurrence.