[NOT A BUG] Completing a Challenge Dungeon does not give Difficulty Completion Credit

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
With the introduction of Challenges, specifically Dungeon Challenges, players have the opportunity to face Difficulty Levels outside the normal progression of Custom Dungeon selection. Normally a player would have to complete a dungeon on Hard to unlock Difficulty I, complete Difficulty I to unlock Difficulty II, and so on. With Challenges, players have the opportunity to complete Difficulty levels outside the normal progression. Upon completing these Dungeon Challenges, players’ characters should receive credit for the level of Dungeon completion. Currently credit is not given.

Why do I expect it to work this way? Because that is how it works in parties. Let’s say that I have only Hard difficulty completed for Dragonguard Depths. In order to “progress” accessibility of this dungeon on my own, I would have to do Difficulty I next (the next unlocked Difficulty) before I could do Difficulty II. However, in a party, if the team leader has completed Difficulty X, then that dungeon difficulty can be selected, and I, the participating party member can run this level of Dungeon Difficulty even though I have not unlocked it myself. If the dungeon is successfully completed in this mode, I will be given credit for completing Difficulty X dungeon.

The Challenges should work the same way. I am being given the opportunity to complete a level of Dungeon difficulty outside the “normal” progression. Upon successfully completing the Challenge I should be awarded completion. This is especially important since Level completion is not shared by all characters. Without “skipping” ahead, a player would be required to complete all 10 levels of Difficulty for every character for all 15 Dungeons in order to play on command with the class of choice.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Introduction of Challenges in 0.36

Steps to make it happen again
Complete a Dungeon Challenge at a higher difficulty than “allowed”. Credit not received for completion of Challenge difficulty.


I confirmed with the development team, as the Challenge Dungeons are randomly selected from a pool, they in turn do not unlock the Dungeon Progress.
Also with Challenge Dungeons being an event you can complete with any Hero, as opposed to your regular Dungeons (as you mentioned) are tied to each Heroes progress.

Also linked to these two systems previously not being connected, now are on the same menu.

I have shared this feedback as well. There is always the possibility this will be changed in future.

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