[Not a Bug] Dragonrealm ring does not appear to increase power


I recently received a Dragonrealm Ring from a cache and was curious how ultimate spell power buffs work. I equipped it on my Merc and found no pop up notices when making a match 5. I then equipped it on a naked barbarian (because who doesn’t love a naked barbarian?) and made a match 5 and nothing again. I then cast my ultimate only received 2 rage gems. I then matched the resulting rage gems and did not have any buffs applied to my character.

I am at a loss as to what “Gain 3 Ultimate Spell Power” means and think it may be bugged. At the very least it doesn’t generate a “Power up!” message like the Royal Sword that buffs your power when you make a match 5.

If I am over looking something, please let me know!

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I would love to know this too because I cant find a benefit from this ring either doing the same tests???

I tested it just now on a naked assassin with uncommon hammer at lvl 15 as a weapon. At legendary level the ring adds 3 ultimate spell mana after the 5th matched gem. I’ll record a video to see how exactly is applied. It either per match or per gem after the fifth, because I receive multiple +3 mana per turn.

Edit: it seems to be per match. I’m uploading the video now and I’ll add it to the comment.

I didn’t get a chance to update this but yeah, this effect does not relate to power, just flat mana generation. So the description needs to change (along with flametree/runic ring) to mention mana to reduce confusion…or increase spell power some how.

After watching the video, something doesn’t add up.
I’m starting with 13 mana.
After the first turn I end up with 42 mana.
42-13 = 29
29 is not divisible by 3.

Also, you examine the video frame by frame, you will notice that the mana jumps from 13 to 16, then goes back to 13, then 16, then 17.

Edit: I did some more tests and it seems that even though the description says +3, it actually gives you different number depending on the number of gems in each match. Still doesn’t explain how I got 29 mana with 7 matches of 3 and one match of 5.

Ultimate Mana (Spell Power) is gained per gem matched. So 7 matches of 3 = 21, one match of 5 = 5, and since you matched 5 or more gems in a turn, thats 3 ultimate mana from the ring. 21 + 5 + 3 = 29


do like me and just ask Sibelios when you have a problem he literally knows EVERYTHING :slight_smile:

I haven’t tested the ring but I’m not sure if its limited to one ultimate gain per 5+ match or if its possible to get +gain from every 5+ match you make in a round

The funny thing is that it used to read mana and they changed it. This was the exact language from Runic Ring at launch of game (extracted from a post I made in January 2021 about changes to items pre-launch):

Hey all,

Dragonrealm ring increases your Ult Spell Mana, can see how the description is misleading as it mentions power. Just had a fiddle around with one of my alt heroes and can confirm with a match of 6 Gems I got a bonus +1 Mana (total of 7 Mana) compared to previously in battle without the Ring equipped I got 6 Mana

Passed this onto the team though to consider rewording the spell.

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