[NOT A BUG] Extra Attributes wonky between gear

Platform, device and operation system

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Items of the same rarity have the same number of Attributes

If not at elast items of a higher level could have more if the level is tied to the attribute and not the rarity.

A level 35 Epic Runic Ring (from the rewards)

Versus a level 1 Epic RUnic Ring (from before obviously


And another Level 1 Epic Runic Ring from before


It seems that not all gear was affected equally by the update.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Most (but not all!!) of my pre 0.36 gear still has 3 attributes. Randomly some of the pre update gear got adjusted.

Steps to make it happen again
Update the game and watch the magic happen.

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I can confirm I have a variety of epic gear mixed between 2 and 3 attributes. Some of the gear I got as a reward has 2, others 3. Same on gear that was epic before update

Similar results here:
Uncommon - 1 or 2 attributes
Rare - 1 or 2 attributes
Epic - 2 or 3 attributes

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I was just coming here to post this bug. It appears that all of my old gear (acquired before .36) have the correct number of attributes and the new gear from the gift mail all have one less attribute. I haven’t looted anything new yet to see if its all new gear that is “broken,” or just certain rarity.

The new epic gear has two slots. The old had three and still does. Looks like they downgraded it but did not change half the old gear but some.

Crossposting from the official patch notes thread, from Alpheon,

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