Open Tourney, Chests and Keys

Open Tourney - Since we’re restricted to only 6 plays every so many hours, at least add some type of re-roll feature for opponents or a few more plays, preferably both. It’s not very appealing to play the same opponent at least 3 times in 6 plays. Quick Tourney could use some sprucing up as well, just feels like it’s missing a little something, maybe in the rewards area.

Chests - I understand you lean heavy on the purchase of keys for income, that’s fine, I get it. And the minion mission feature to open chest is great, actually adorable really. But what is super annoying is to wait 11 hours for Diamond and Ruby chests to be opened for nothing more than receiving what you already have in multiples. Atleast fix it to where there are not repeats of the same item received in the larger chests or make the wait time significantly shorter. Something, please.

Keys - Please consider disbursing a few more of the gold+ keys in chests as reward. Thanks!