Please rename the special seasonal gear to allow better grouping and sorting for the set items

Actually the special seasonal gear items are distributed within the gear vault and cannot be found by sorting. You have to scroll through the whole vault. Mine is now 675 and increasing with each new season.
So please rename these gear to be findable as set when sorting .
Maybe gear for season 1 could start with Dragonking and season 2 with Eldritch.
Thanks in advance for your understanding and cooperation!

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I have passed on feedback for more filters generally, as often I want to find items from one gear set and don’t remember all the names.
Going back and forth between the gear and the gear set image is time consuming.

I’ll add Seasons to that!


While we’re on this subject, can we add the option to display items in rows (i.e., one item per row) in addition to the current options to display items as a grid? We use to be able to show items as rows, which was really helpful for finding and comparing duplicates.