Please stop adding new content and fix your game first!

I think it’s a tricky situation the game is in and it’s getting worse almost every day, the list of bugs only grows and yet new content keeps coming in like everything is fine. I think it’s very bad for the health of the game, I’m not a dev but been playing for a very long time and I think I’m not wrong when I say that if you keep adding new things to a broken program it will become even more unstable and make bug fixing even harder.
It’s the second adventure in a row I can’t play and I get notification for the latest pack of skins that cost the price of a game when it’s just a recolor with a bunch of particles, I think ppl will start thinking before buying stuff for a buggy mess of a game.

I’d rather no longer have new content for a few weeks but have all the bugs fixed however long that might take, am I alone?


No, you are not at all.
But Dev seems to think he does every thing very well.
And dont complain to loud here … its not healthy at all.
Dev does not have many good arguments, but a big and fast banhammer.

Totally agree. There greed has ruined the game


While that makes sense on the surface of things, I don’t think its quite that simple. Its really not as much of the devs fault as people think it is. The problem comes from a new and rather common phenomenon, video games suffer from now called spaghetti code. In the past, Puzzle Quest 3 would have been made and sold as is, but in the modern age, games get updated constantly and leads to odd little bugs constantly cropping up (and sometimes old ones coming back) as the game gets updated. I’ve seen this in just about every game I’ve played…Helldivers, For Honor, Dead By Daylight, Friday the 13th, etc, etc, etc. Even if the devs took a two month break to fix everything, the fist time the game was updated we’d probably have bugs that come with it. Its just kind of a constant thorn we now face in modern gaming. The silver lining though is a game like this with its constant updates has alot to offer and can keep you entertained for years to come, bugs and all.

As for the skins, I probably would have made them a bonus for people with the VIP pass to bring some added value to it. But who knows who makes those kind of decisions. As always as the consumer though, you get to vote with your wallet on whether they’re worth buying or not.

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While what you say is certainly true, I think it’s not a fatality either, games can have test servers and test their updates there before releasing them live. It’s not a thing here and I feel the frequencies of bugs keeps increasing, I’m just afraid for the future of the game if they keep releasing major new versions with known issues almost as long as the patchnotes themselves.

(Same with gems of war.)
On this game, the adventure never works. It freezes EVERY time and you have to restart the whole game. :roll_eyes:
I just don’t even try to play it anymore.

Hi @jhane -
Jeto has lined a Known Issues article regarding these issues:

We’re waiting for the Hotfix for these issues to be approved so we can move forward with release. We’re hoping that’ll be in the next couple of days so we can get to rescheduling the Adventure and getting out comp for people affected by these bugs.

So, with this little cluster of issues with Adventure, basically a backend change has not survived first contact with you folks. :wink: What I mean by that is, that there’s no amount of testing in the world that can do better than actual players playing the game and making the game’s systems interact with each other, because there are always more players doing things and generating more outcomes than there ever can be testers.

That said, it’d be a cop out to just leave it at that. Because yeah, you folks will always find bugs that we don’t, but that can’t be where we stop as a development team. So, when we do end up with bugs that make it out to live builds, we do look at our process and ask “Is there something we could have done differently or some process we could set up from now on that would catch these types of things?” Sometimes there’s something definitive, sometimes there’s not much we could’ve changed to foresee something, other times we can just make a small tweak to improve the odds even if it isn’t a guarantee.

Regarding content, even though most of the things in the game get announced and released all together (because we only have one planned release every few months to put things in, it’s essential), things do come down different pipelines so there’s not necessarily much encroachment between say, Skins and game features.
Because we do have a commitment in PQ3 to be releasing content regularly, we do need to make sure that’s something we deliver. But that doesn’t mean it’s in competition with development or bug fixing.

So, why do bugs hang around on the Known Issues list sometimes? Well, it could be that the devs are having trouble reproducing it in a controlled environment to fix it, it could be that we’ve had to make the decision to fix other issues that ended up being a higher priority, it could be that someone (usually me specifically :eyes:) has forgotten to remove one from the list prior to the CX team publishing…
But, we do also have to balance fixing existing bugs with other priorities, like continuing to make improvements to the game whether that’s a QOL for something that you folks have raised, or something we feel the game needs. We obviously don’t have unlimited resources, so we do have to make judgement calls about where our time needs to go, which I know is frustrating for us (because we want everything done, fixed and clear in this game we care a lot about), but also for you because they’re things you experience directly. That said, when something critical does happen, as many people on the team as necessary do literally drop everything they’re doing to fix it, as we did with these Adventure issues this time.

I’m gonna say that I don’t believe our Known Issues list is ever going to be zero, but we do care about getting things fixed for you. I know that development is a pretty big black hole from the outside a lot of the time and there’s things we can’t necessarily share, but I wanted to sit and write this up for you to hopefully help a little bit with that where I can.


Nice Text.
Even so it only tells what you tell us every time:
We do everything as it should be done, there is no other way, we cant change anything.
So just be happy with what you get.

Ok, we are happy, thx.
And spent our extra money on Devs that can change things and improve them.