[Reported] Dark Background, no game reaction


Please investierte, thank you!

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I have same issue, Please Help Fix

I spent a lot of money on this Game and I want to play the new story.

Please Please Fix

I am playing the game for 2.5 years now and I am a decent and constantly paying player as well …

But this isnt what bothers me - this nearly happens every time (not me) when they release new stuff and shows the permanent serious lack issue of internal testing.

Beside this its a personal issue to me to miss out so many rewards:

1000 gems from the 3 days dungeon (especially today)
3 chests from the 2x2 dungeon
9 power rushes from the new season
X power rushes from the archive season (till 30/30)
X/33 pvp fights honor rewards
fights from the actual adventure
Kingdom defense rewards

THIS is what really makes me angry af.

Edit: And afaik they were never able or willing to compensate this loss in an adaquate way.

Closing off duplicate threads reporting the same issue