[Re-reported] Another coop error on playstation

That would be me…

Member Name: Kenpo_Kid69

Crash happens before the battle starts.

  • That made my new chapter limited battle that I was about to win by the way crash, as I was trying to look up my name code (invite code). Probably shouldn’t have been multi-tasking, but still steams me, lol. I was upset I lost the next one too (but that one was my fault).

@KenpoKid69 in your error screenshot…


it shows you being in the battle

Is it that the battle loaded in but you had made no moves/not had a chance to move before the error appeared?

I don’t recall ever even seeing a battle, just went to the error screen after loading if I remember correctly. In any event, no chance to move or do anything.

That was actually from a different player @KenpoKid69. It was enigmanerd wuth me last night when we were trying again. So i will ask him for his code later.

I was in one today and it worked just fine, but other people were complaining in the in-game chat, that it wasn’t working. Its always been a notoriously quirky mode though for the playstation at least. You have to be really persistent if you want to play it, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

So to help pass this onto to the team, the following would be helpful:

  • the error code (screenshot or photo)
  • the name code of the player who gets the RE error (the cause point)
    • but if you don’t have it at the time, no sweat
  • when exactly the error occurs within the battle
  • the loadout of the player who got the RE error
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Im still having difficulty with joining other players in general those from my kingdom invite me the game says i joined but nothing happens my end and its kind of an important feature.

@Wesley can you submit a ticket for this or create a different thread, as that is a different issue and want to avoid getting responses/reports/troubleshooting mixed together

A support ticket would be preferable.

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