Relic Drop Locations?

This statement is incredibly tone-deaf. It’s fine for items to be rare but not items this essential to progression, and not so rare that AN ENTIRE COMMUNITY has struggled to find one, when players will require dozens of them for normal progressive.


I agree with what everyone’s saying especially people that only have rares they only thing they can hope for is and epic or higher at this rate.

Not sure where the Devs are, but we’re going into a 3 day weekend in the US. Sure would be good to hear back today regarding a plan forward.

@Pnut that’s not gonna happen its the weekend and the devs are in Australia. Most likely would be Monday at the earliest.

devs probably should have just removed the duplicates and maybe added relics when the way to get them was completed.

Just a further thought: Given that you say the design team anticipates additional ways to collect relics in the future, I suspect you have given the tiniest bit of thought to what that rate of collection would be on these future modes. To the extent that any of them are participatory (items gained through effort as opposed to purchases), why not adjust the drop rate on relics from chests to compensate for the absence of relics by other means? Drop rates in theory are actually very flexible and easy to adjust from a coding perspective. Would this create a false sense of “drop rate from chests” than intended in the long-range outlook? Maybe, but it seems like it would certainly be a better approach than what’s happened thus far. Given the current absurdly infinitesimal drop rates, increasing them by a factor of 2, 3, or even 5 in the short term clearly would not negatively impact your early access approach and you could always draw them down in the future. We know you have no problems taking something away! cough Gems cough


I’ve updated this post with @Cyrup’s overview of the Evolution changes. It very explicitly addresses the challenge of the older system with evolutions and the increasing difficulty in the future; this makes sense as it would be harder to evolve epic to legendary than rare to epic because of the disparity between drop rates of rare and epic gear. That would imply to me that the new system would have a drop rates of relics that would at least approximate the existing system which was acknowledged as being too difficult already (I should be able to find enough resources over let’s say a few days to do an evolution of uncommon to rare or rare to epic and then have a better chance going forward of being able to do evolves to legenadary and mythic.) But again, and I can’t repeat it enough, that is not the result of the new system. NOT EVEN CLOSE. I really must stress how much of a communication failure this is and how disconnected from reality the pitch on this update has been.


To be clear, I think that the drop rate is the only issue here. I would basically have no problem with the new system if you could actually get Relics, but getting relics would have to be around the rarity of getting an equivalent rarity item, or better, for it to be worth trying to upgrade things yourself.

If relics dropped at a rate of the same rarity gear and glyphs dropped at a rate of how mythic runes/scrolls drop now, there would be 0 issues with this new system.

The problem is they are around 1,000x - 10,000x rarer than that, and that isn’t even an exaggeration.


I’m not even bothering to keep grey or green gear, it’s impossible to evolve which feels like… Well what’s the point of relics then.

Either up the drop rate so they are common enough or remove relic upgrades until you hit 25/35.

Or just give us more shards for our salvage since that’s what we’re being encouraged to do.

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That’s pretty much the issue the inability to evolve gear or get stronger by any margin while dealing with content that’s pretty difficult. Enemies literally 2 shit you in dungeons and the only way to win is if you get a beautiful board from the start with a good amount of mana on your fist turn and if you don’t get a stun by turn 2 your dead.

Does anyone have a screenshot yet of a glyph, jewel, or relic from a chest specifically?

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Wish I did I dont believe there out there till I see proof! And it better not be bigfoot

@Tacet I have seen zero evidence of any dropping from a chest at this point and I personally have opened hundreds of lvl 100 chests for glyphs and at least 75 to 100 dungeon chests since update.

I have not seen anyone even say they have a glyph from a chest yet and now we need 4

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I have received one relic: a bronze screw from a dungeon chest (either level 50 or 55, can’t remember). That’s it.

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Someone named Flagon said in global chat that he/she got two from chests in total so far but as far as I can tell no one else in chat has mentioned getting any from chests. A few more from salvage I’ve heard including @Elric


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It now requires 14 glyphs to get a level 50 anything. It used to be 4 before the patch.


@Tacet I was thinking glyphs had been split into 4 where as before either was one, but they were actually split into 5.

I was I unclear with what I meant. Glyphs were impossible to get before and now they are impossible and there are more of them


So we have a total of 5 alleged relics across the player base damn now that’s very rare indeed. Unfortunately the lucky players still lack the required amount to evolve anything.


Yeah I have opened 2 many to count of all variety of chests to not get a single one …

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